Whether it’s Illinois State University, Rockefeller Center, Eli Lilly, or the White House, our products are found in a variety of industries around the world. At Thrush, we appreciate the unique complexities of each and every new project. Here’s a quick look at some of the industries we serve.


“We were facing the problem of a failed heat exchanger that provides heat to our 1,005 guest rooms. It was two days before the Big 10 Championship game, and we were at max capacity. I made a call to my local rep and he reached out to your Thrush team. He said they’re building you a new heat exchanger and you can pick it up [today]. I commend the prompt service by your team to do what I thought was not doable. Excellent service…means I will always be your customer.”

Director of Engineering, JW Marriott

Thrush Co Products in Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities


Hospitals and healthcare facilities strive to create a more comfortable environment for staff, patients, and visitors. So we strive to make that happen in the most efficient way possible, decreasing operating costs and lowering the time invested in maintenance. With superior products in place, there are fewer resources funneled into HVAC operation and upkeep—and more time to focus on what matters.

Thrush Co Products in Correctional Universities


Universities and educational facilities often face the challenge of maintaining or improving boiler and mechanical rooms bound by the constraints of older technologies. At Thrush, we welcome these complexities and produce specialized solutions for each and every project, while at the same time enhancing and improving system efficiencies and longevities.

Thrush Co Products in Correctional Facilities

Correctional Facilities

We provide heating and cooling solutions for correctional facilities and numerous other government agencies. We understand the importance of staying on budget while maintaining the most efficient, dependable systems for occupant comfort.


Other Industries

Beyond these, we’re proud to provide heating and cooling solutions for a host of other industries. From manufacturing facilities to commercial airlines, Thrush products are designed with superior performance in mind.