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In 1923, Homer A. Thrush committed himself to developing superior hot water heating systems. The Thrush Company Inc. Water Circulator was first introduced to the growing hydronics industry in 1928. This innovation brought the advantages of hot water heat to virtually every home and business. Mr. Thrush pioneered many innovations that have contributed to the comfort and well being of mankind..

Established in 1997, Thrush Co. Inc., which was named after Homer A. Thrush in commemoration of his innovative spirit, has been recognized as a leading pioneer in the hydronics industry.

Thrush Co. Inc., remains as dedicated to the hydronics industry as Homer A. Thrush was in 1923.

Our longevity, leadership, and reputation for superior quality testify to this commitment. We manufacture a full line of pumps, heat exchangers, valves, fittings, and accessories for residential, commercial, and industrial systems.

Superior product quality has earned Thrush its leadership position along with personal responsive service, prompt delivery, expert technical support, and a high standard of business ethics. Our worldwide network of representatives and distributors, as well as our in-house service department, are available to meet your needs and insure your satisfaction. When you need heating and cooling products, think Thrush.





  • Does Thrush offer the Hot-Pak in a horizontal design?

    Yes. An example of this layout can be viewed in the current Thrush PDF Hot-Pak brochure (PDF - 2.29MB) and the Hot-Pak product page. This layout is also available in a duplex option with two Hot-Paks on one frame. Drawings and dimensions are available upon request.Back to Top
  • Does Thrush have heat exchangers in stock?

    Yes. Thrush does stock some heat exchangers. All of the standard model Straitube heat exchangers are in stock. Models of popular u-tubes are also stocked in standard design construction.Back to Top
  • Does Thrush offer heat exchangers made to custom dimensions?

    Yes. Thrush can build to virtually any customer's needs and dimensions. We can design and build complete drop-in replacements for most u-tube and fixed tube applications. As standard we build to ASME section VIII, Division 1 standards and can also accommodate TEMA standards as well. Keep in mind that some dimensions or requirements may conflict with ASME codes and some compromises may be required.Back to Top
  • Does Thrush offer replacement tube bundles for heat exchangers made by another manufacturer or to custom dimensions?

    Yes. Thrush can manufacture replacement tube bundles for virtually any type or brand of u-tube heat exchanger. In some cases field measurements are required to insure proper fitment.(Download the replacement tube bundle dimension and data sheet.) Thrush offers various material and tube options to meet the most demanding operating requirements. Contact your local Thrush representative today to learn more.Back to Top
  • What size gasket does my Thrush heat exchanger use?

    It depends on whether it is a u-tube or a stock Straitube. The u-tube gaskets are based on nominal diameter of the heat exchanger and not the diameter of the gasket. For an example, a 12" u-tube uses a 12" heat exchanger gasket. This gasket is the same diameter as the raised face of an ANSI flange. A Straitube gasket is model specific and should be chosen based on the actual model of the heat exchanger. For example a model 320 Straitube uses and model 260, 320, and 380 replacement gasket. Straitubes also have front and rear specific gaskets. Be sure to specify if it is for the front or the return head. Back to Top
  • Can Thrush supply a replacement heat exchanger head or channel with custom dimensions?

    Yes. Thrush can build to virtually any customer's needs and dimensions. We can design and build complete drop-in replacements for most designs. As standard we build to ASME section VIII, Division 1 standards and can also accommodate TEMA standards as well. Keep in mind that some dimensions or requirements may conflict with ASME codes and some compromises may be required.Back to Top
  • When do I need to use a double wall heat exchanger?

    Double wall heat exchangers are design to keep the working fluids from cross contaminating if a tube wears or fails. Each tube is actually a tube within a tube and there are two tubesheets. The tubes are sealed to the tubesheet that it is in contact with and a gap between the tubesheets lets a leaking tube drip between the tubesheets to signal a tube failure. Many plumbing codes require this for heat exchangers being used to heat domestic water. Check your local codes to see if it affects your application.Back to Top
  • Do I need to lubricate or oil my Thrush circulator?

    It depends on the type of circulator and bearing used in the circulator bracket assembly. All sleeve bearing circulators require oil lubrication. Sleeve bearing bracket assemblies have a flip up oil fill cap on them. Check the operating instructions for your specific pump model to be sure. Don't forget to check the motor as well. Sleeve bearing motors have similar oil cups located on top of them as well. (Place instructions or link to the location on the website of operation and maintenance manuals here).Back to Top
  • Can my Thrush circulator or pump be installed with the shaft in the vertical position?

    Only if it is a vertical circulator or pump. All Thrush circulators or pumps that may be installed with the shaft in a vertical position have a "V" for "Vertical" in their model designation. Example models: V, 22V, GTV, TV2g, ect.Back to Top
  • Where can I get price and availability on Thrush products?

    You can get price and availability through your local Thrush representative or they may direct you to a stocking distributor in your area. Representative LocatorBack to Top
  • Does Thrush offer expedited order services?

    Yes. Although Thrush's product lead times are the quickest in the industry, expedited order services are available. In most cases an expedite fee is required. Contact your local Thrush representative for details. Back to Top


Aar-O-Vent now has US Patent

Oct 26, 2012

The Patented Aar-O-Vent® Has ‘The Best’ and Possibly 'The Only' 3rd Party Test Results

The Aar-O-V® by Thrush Co., Inc. is proven to be the most efficient air and dirt separator on the market. After third-party testing by an independent laboratory, the Aar-O-Vent® was found to consistently remove greater than 99.7% of the dissolved oxygen content in a closed piping system and can remove up to 99% of the dirt particles in the 17-65 micron size range. The high rates of air and dirt removal by the Aar-O-Vent® will virtually stop corrosion in piping systems and eliminate heat transfer and numerous pumping problems.

Now patented under US Patent No: 8,177,975, the Aar-O-Vent® is recognized as high performance, unique, and accredited equipment in the air elimination and dirt separation industry. Not only is it the most efficient in the market, the Aar-O-Vent® comes standard with ASME Stamped Section VIII, Division I shell, stainless steel coalescing medium, sight glasses, removable bottom, non-existent pressure drop, vacuum resistant air vent, and is proudly made in the USA. Further, all models up to 8" are in stock for immediate delivery.

For more information contact:

Thrush Co., Inc.
Phone: 765.472.3351
Website: www.thrushco.com
Email: customerservice@thrushco.com

E Series Hot-Pak™ release

Jan 17, 2011

Thrush has recently expanded our Hot-PakTM offering and their output capabilities. SVE single wall and DVSE double wall Hot-PakTM's are now available with ½" O.D. single wall tubing and 5/8" O.D. double wall tubing. The increased heating surface of the new E series Hot-PakTM's now allow them to equal or exceed the output capabilities of all competitive brand models. Depending upon application, these models allow greater output and/or smaller size requirements.

1/2 inch and 5/8 inch tubing for Bundles and Heat Exchangers

Nov 01, 2010

Thrush has recently added ½" O.D. single wall and ⅝" O.D. double wall to the tubing options on our heat exchangers and replacement tube bundles. These options allow greater outputs or smaller model sizing depending upon application. These options are available in 4" through 14" nominal diameter models. The ½" single wall option increased surface area by approximately 65% while the ⅝" double wall option in creases surface area by approximately 30% when compared to their ½" O.D. equivalents.

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Heat Exchanger Stocking

Oct 29, 2010

Thrush continues to lead the industry in customer service. We listen to the needs of our customers. Thrush is now stocking 5 sizes of heat exchangers ready for same day shipment. The following heat exchangers are in stock: S6364A, S6482A, S8482A, S8602A, and S10482A. Do you have an 'emergency situation'? Call your Thrush representative and ask about our stock heat exchangers. If we don't have it in stock we can 'Expedite' the one you need, sometimes in as fast as 24 hrs for a full heat exchanger or replacement bundle.

Aar-O-Vent™ Stocking

Oct 01, 2009

Thrush is excited to announce their new stocking program for 'standard' (SVR) and 'high velocity' (HVR) Aar-O-VentsTM. Thrush is stocking Aar-O-VentTM models SVR-2 thru SVR-8, and HVR-2 thru HVR-8. That is connection sizes 2" thru 8" on Standard and High Velocity units. The stocking program allows Thrush to ship same day of order. No one in the industry can meet or even attempt to beat our lead times. Plus the Thrush Aar-O-VentTM is the only Air and Dirt separator in the industry to have proven 3rd party testing results which prove the Aar-O-VentTM to be the best by far for overall performance of both air and dirt elimination. It is 'Proven' 'In Stock' 'The Best' Don't get stuck with a "LEMON". Call your Thrush Representative today.

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