Booster Systems

Engineered Packaged Booster Systems

Low water pressure or fluctuating pressure values can cause serious issues of backflow and reduced efficiency in commercial and industrial operations. For a constant supply of pressurized water, you need Thrush Package Booster Systems with custom engineered pumps, valves, and controls to meet your specific requirements.  All booster systems feature: 

  • Constant or variable speed to meet specific demands
  • Custom made-to-order with simplex, duplex, triplex, or quadraplex arrangements 
  • Various flows and boost capabilities for virtually all applications

With simple installation and unbeatable delivery of even the most complicated systems, our Packaged Booster Systems are precisely what you need to ensure smooth operations.


Thrush engineering to your design requirements, ensures reliability and compliance with UL standards. The power hook-up and piping are the only connections required.


From Problem to Solution

Lack of sufficient water pressure affects all downstream points.

Low water pressure or pressure fluctuation may interrupt the numerous operations being carried out in industrial, institutional and domestic facilities. Consistently stable and correct water pressure is necessary to efficiently operate equipment or it can result in significant problems at downstream points such as:

  • Inability to maintain pressure at multiple floor heights 
  • Reduced cooling and heating efficiency in heat exchangers

The most efficient and cost-effective solution to make up the pressure demand is with a Thrush Package Booster System, customized to your needs. 

The Thrush Solution

Thrush Packaged Booster Systems are engineered and sized to meet your specific job requirements. Each custom designed system combines pumps, valves, and controls to provide a constant supply of pressurized water. 

  • Flow rates up to 200 gallons per minute
  • Pressure can be boosted 30 – 80 psi
  • Integration with other units as a lead/lag system with 100% back up or 50/50 split
  • Packaged to allow for simple and minimal installation with only power hook-up and piping required.
  • Custom made-to-order with higher flows and boost capacity in simplex, duplex, triplex, or quadraplex arrangements as per demand
  • Engineered with either constant or variable speed 

Thrush Packaged Booster Systems are the ultimate solution to water pressure problems. Our efficient manufacturing process allows for unbeatable delivery of even the most complicated systems.

Higher energy consumption equals higher cost. Think before you make the decision!



Save money with energy saving VFDs

Thrush’s variable frequency drive (VFD) booster systems allow the electrical energy consumption to reduce in sync with the operating flow rate. In a constant speed system, even at the lowest flow rate, energy corresponding to full capacity run is consumed.


Get the Booster System

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