Hydronics Specialties

Repair Kits for Automatic Fast Fill Valves

Repair kits for the Automatic Fast Fill Valves include springs, diaphragm, metal seat, composition seat, screen, and gaskets.

Dual Control Valve

Thrush Dual Control valves provide automatic pressure relief and filling of hot water heating systems. All Dual Control valves are factory set at 30 psig for the relief and 12 psig delivery pressure for filling. These are non-adjustable relief valves with a build in strainer. They can be used to maintain air or light oil pressure on special applications and can be installed in cold or hot water lines up to 200°F.

Quad Check Valves

Thrush Quad-Chek valves are made from quality cast iron. They stop overheating from gravity circulation in hot water heating system by means of positive closing, precision machined, brass-to-brass seat and check weight. The vertical lift action of the check weight produces a smooth floating application of this unit. Thrush Quad-Chek valves can be installed as an angle, horizontally, or by-pass valve, for system loop temperature balancing. The vertical lifting stem design permits several modes of operation including preventing overheating from gravity circulation, allowing balancing of flow in circuits, allowing gravity circulation or draining of the system, and permitting isolation of system for maintenance.

High Pressure Regulating Valves S Series

Thrush regulating valves are built for installation in systems where liquids or air pressure must be reduced and a lower pressure maintained within satisfactory limits. They are especially designed for regulating reduced pressures on domestic water supply systems where city water pressure is high. They may be installed in either hot or cold water lines. Pressure regulating valves maintain the pressure setting only at no flow by nature of design.

Repair Kits for High Pressure Regulating Valves

Repair kits for the High Pressure Regulating Valves include springs, diaphragm, metal seat, composition seat, screen, and gaskets. Also where applicable, relief by-pass.

Tank Drains

Designed to route air that has been separated (with an Air Purger or Air Separator) from the system back to the compression tank and to restrict gravity flow of water between the tank and system.