In-Line Circulators Horizontal: Iron Body - 1750 RPM

Thrush offers a wide range of in-line circulators for hydronic and domestic water systems and other liquid circulating applications. Special long life seals of ceramic and carbon are standard. Both horizontal and vertical Thrush circulators are made in sizes from ¾” through 3”, with motors ranging from 1/12 hp through ¾ hp. Horizontal circulators are available in a complete size range of bronze-fitted and all-bronze construction. Stainless steel shafts and double bronze sleeve bearings contribute to quiet operation and long service life. Seal kits and bracket assemblies, which contain all the pump working parts: shaft, seals, bearings, impeller, ect, are available for nearly every model.

In-Line Circulators Horizontal: All Bronze -1750 RPM

All-Bronze Thrush Circulators are designed and engineered primarily for recirculation on domestic hot water systems and other applications where high corrosion conditions exist. All parts in contact with liquid are non-corrosive. Model TCB Thrush circulating pump, with its high head and low capacity curve profile is commonly used for this type of application.

In-Line Circulators Vertical: Iron Body -1750 RPM

Models R and RB are interchangeable with B&G’s Series 100 circulators, Armstrong’s model S-25, and Taco’s 110.

Model RCB High Flow Circulator - 1750 RPM

The RCB series of horizontal in-line centrifugal pumps conserve floor space, simplify piping and can be serviced without disconnecting piping. The RCB Series is equipped with renewable cast iron bearing cartridge with permanently lubricated ball bearings. The water slinger prevents seal vapor from contaminating the bearings. The impellers are hydraulically and dynamically balanced to insure quiet and efficient operation. The suction and discharge gauge tappings are located for ease of access. The RCB casings have a vertical centerline design which is self venting and minimizes pipe strain. RCB pumps allow for higher flow applications and have 3” connections. RCB pumps are all bronze.