Thrush Systems

Thrush Systems are designed to fit perfectly to your application, no matter your heat transfer needs. Whether it’s commercial, institutional, industrial, or process control, Thrush can create the perfect package to meet your needs.

Custom Package Design

From tight doorways to specific design requirements, Thrush Custom Package Designs are engineered and manufactured to your exact needs using our sophisticated 3D modeling software. Whether you need a modular custom frame or a completely custom-engineered package, we provide a one-stop shop to deliver the fastest solutions in the industry.

Fast. Flexible. Trust Thrush to deliver.

System Features

Quick Delivery

With a single source for engineering and manufacturing, we can deliver solutions in the timeframe you need. All designs are manufactured quickly and efficiently, allowing for timely delivery.

Heavy Duty Steel Frames

All frames are constructed of heavy-duty structural steel for the ultimate performance and longevity, and engineered to meet your specific installation requirements.

Quality Assurance

All packages use UL listed panels and ASME code compliant vessels.

Feature Rich

Thrush provides an extensive list of standard features and optional features for even the most complicated systems. From diffusers to vents, and everything in between, check off all your system requirements with us.

Energy Efficient Options

Add premium motors and variable speed drives to maximize performance for many applications.

Extend the Life of Your System

Removal of air and dirt from closed piping systems is critical in ensuring efficiency and longevity. The Aar-O-Vent was proven in third-party testing to be the most effective on the market today.

A Proud Supplier to One World Trade Center

We at Thrush are proud to say we are playing a small role in the construction of One World Trade Center by furnishing u-tube heat exchangers for this world famous project.




Other Places You’ll Find Us:

American Airlines, John F. Kennedy Center, Coors Brewing Company, Campbell Soup Company, Harvard University, The White House, Franklin Mint, John Deere Tractor, Purdue University, Coca-Cola Bottling, Grand Ole Opry, General Mills, Texas A & M University, Eli Lilly Company, Goodyear, Rockefeller Center, 3M, & more…



Nothing Standard About a Thrush System

From top to bottom, Thrush systems are built with quality, precision and reliability in mind. Whether a standard configuration or completely custom modular frame design, Thrush says yes when everyone else says no. Contact one of our qualified Dealer Reps to share your systems requirements today.