Thermal Expansion Tanks

TXA Series Thermal Expansion Tanks (ASME)

The TXA Series bladder style tanks boast many advantages over other style thermal expansion tanks. The bladder can be easily replaced in the field. The free standing models have a system connection at the bottom of the tank. This is subtle but important difference from the top connection type of tank offered by some manufactures. The TXA tank is designed to prevent any harmful build-up of dirt, grit or system contaminants in addition to providing for easy draining to assist in establishing proper air charge.

TTA Series Thermal Expansion Tanks (ASME)

TTA Series tanks are actually a tank within'a tank. A non-ASME bladder tank is placed in an ASME tank. The bladder cannot expand any larger than the inner tank that contains it. This is why the acceptance volume of the TTA tanks is less than the total tank volume. The bladder is fixed and cannot be replaced TTA tanks are generally less costly than the comparable TXA tank.

T & TV Series Thermal Expansion (Non-ASME)

The T Series expansion tanks are designed using a heavy-duty fixed butyl diaphragm, and are offered in sizes ranging from 2 to 132 gallons.