Water Connections 3 in FLG
Steam Inlet 4 in FLG
Condensate Drain 1.5 in NPT
T & P Valve 1.5 in
Dimensions-A 48 in
Dimensions-B 11.94 in
Dimensions-C 70.19 in
Dimensions-D 22.38 in
Dimensions-E 45.31 in
Dimensions-F 12 in
Dimensions-G 24 in
Shipping Weight 600 lb

Standard Product Features:
1. Designed and Constructed to ASME Section VIII Division 1 for 150 PSIG @ 300 °F
2. 304 SS Shell with Anticipation Plate
3. Naval Brass Tubesheet
4. 1/2" Copper Tubing
5. PTFE Baffles and Stainless Steel Tube Supports
6. Shell Insulation and Jacket
7. Adjustable Support Legs
8. Electrical Panel - to supply a Single Point Power Connection and to distribute power to solenoids, circulator, and aquastat.
9. Copper Piped Ultra Efficient Circulator with Isolation valves.
10. High Temp. Safety Solenoid Purge Valve
11. High Temp. Limit Aquastat
12. Water Temperature Gauge
13. T & P Relief Valve - ASME Rated at 150 PSIG
14. Vacuum Breaker
15. Steam Pressure Gauge

Optional Equipment
16. Steam Control Valve/Temperature Regulator with Temperature Probe and Safety Solenoid Shutoff on Steam Pilot or Electrically Actuated Steam Control Valve with Fail Close Capacitor and RTD Temperature Sensor
17. Steam Inlet Y-strainer (Rotated for Clarity)
18. F & T Steam Trap with Y-Strainer (Rotated for Clarity)
19. Electronic Panel w/4-20 mA Signal
20. Custom Welded Frame (Fixed)