Thrush replacement bundles are engineered to alleviate damaged heat exchanger tubes, without replacing the entire heat exchanger or compromising on the original design. 

  • Single or double wall construction
  • Designs to meet your specific requirements
  • Fastest lead times in the industry 

To minimize downtime, we provide quick delivery of replacement tube bundles, not only for Thrush heat exchangers but for virtually all U-tube heat exchanger manufacturers.


Thrush manufactures, designs, and engineers a range of replacement U-tube bundles with both single and double wall construction. All are available with many variations in material, pressure, and temperature to meet specific application requirements.


From Problem to Solution

Damaged tubes are prone to leakages and inefficient heating and cooling.

The sole purpose of a heat exchanger is to ensure supply of constant temperature fluid. Damaged tube bundles can raise serious concerns for downstream operations:

  • Cross-contamination of tube side and shell side fluids
  • Temperature fluctuations caused by irregular flows
  • Inconsistent hot or cold-water supply
  • Safety hazards due to damaged tube bundles
  • Decrease in thermal efficiency, resulting in wasted energy.

Damaged tubes make it nearly impossible to meet safety protocols and to maintain a consistent fluid supply. The most cost-effective way to get back up to peak operation is with Thrush replacement bundles!

The Thrush Replacement Bundles Solution

We make replacing tube bundles fast and easy! We can provide replacement U-tube bundle for Thrush manufactured heat exchangers as well as competing U-tube heat exchanger brands.

The competitive advantages we offer include:

  • Provide replacement tube bundles for virtually all U-tube heat exchanger manufacturers
  • Single or double wall construction
  • Designs to meet your precise requirements and system compatibilities
  • Constructed in accordance with ASME requirements and available with a partial data report upon request
  • Fastest lead times in the industry

Now is the ideal time to get rid of your damaged heat exchanger tube bundle without replacing the entire heat exchanger or compromising on the original design specs.



Get the Replacement Bundles

Stop compromising heat transfer efficiency due to improperly working tubes. Contact Thrush to get the precise replacement tube bundles you need, when you need them!

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Need a custom solution? No problem!

Thrush can build to virtually any customer’s needs and dimensions. We can design and build complete drop-in replacements for most designs and we offer various material and tube options to meet the most demanding operating requirements.