Model 706 Automatic Air Vent

Operation The automatic #706 Air Vent has been designed for use on any hydronic or water service system where pressure does not exceed 150 PSIG and the temperature is no greater than 240 degrees F. The #706 Air Vent should be installed in an accessible location at the high points of the system.

Installation In a hydronic heating system, air removal can be accomplished most efficiently by installing a #706 Air Vent with a properly sized Air Purger or Air Separator. The purger separates the air from the water and diverts it to the Air Vent for quick and automatic removal. A 3/4" NPT tapping is provided on the Air Vent for this connection.

Maintenance Since any vent may occasionally require cleaning when the system contains dirt or sludge, it is common procedure to install a gate valve to isolate the vent. The #706 Air Vent may be cleaned simply by removing the flange bolts, lifting out the inner assembly and washing off the strainer. Allow 6" clearance above the top.

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