Hydronic Pumps

Pressure fluctuations can be a serious hurdle in commercial and industrial hydronic operations. To increase efficiency over a greater portion of your performance range you need Thrush’s well-engineered hydronic pumps, proven to provide working fluid at constant pressures with design options such as:

  • In line mount design reduces occupied space
  • Center line suction and discharge evenly balances the weight on piping
  • Inlet diffuser section simplifies the installation by keeping the same size of suction and discharge connection 
  • End suction pump flexible-coupled or close-coupled and bronze fitted with a single mechanical seal
  • Vertical centerline design which is self-venting and minimizes pipe strain

Thrush’s hydronic pumps provide you with a flexible, sustainable solution to get the desired water pressure and velocity you need for optimum efficiency.


Thrush’s consistent performance and product longevity is a result of outstanding construction and engineering. Most of our pumps feature a heavy cast iron bearing frame to assure rigid, accurate centering of the shaft and impeller. That’s why customers choose us again and again.


From Problem to Solution

Poorly designed hydronic pumps are unreliable, loud, and waste energy

Some hydronic systems continuously have trouble, especially with pumps, leading to numerous issues such as:

  • Fluctuations in pressure affecting heat exchangers and other equipment
  • Disruption in efficiency of downstream operations
  • Higher processing and energy cost
  • Increased safety risk from pump issues affecting boiler operation

Properly designed and installed pumps can make your hydronic system trouble-free for many years.  Thrush Hydronic Pumps, can fill the bill.

The Thrush Solution

To ensure high performance of your hydronic heating or cooling system, Thrush’s pumps are specifically designed to meet thermal, velocity, and pressure demands. Our hydronic pumps offer several advantages:

  • Complete selection of pump designs engineered to assure peak performance while providing flexibility to specific needs
  • Slip fitted pin lock shaft sleeve eliminates shaft wear and corrosion free assembly
  • Precision CNC machining to assure precise coupling alignment during variations in pumping temperature
  • Suction and discharge gauge tapings provide ease of access
  • Adequate vent and drain tapings
  • Simple installation into the piping system
  • Use of sealed ball bearings – no need of oiling or greasing
  • Resilient mounted motor for reliable and quiet operation
  • Back pullout design allows maintenance without disturbing the operation

Thrush’s hydronic pumps are carefully designed to make sure your heating system operates smoothly and provides increased efficiency over a greater portion of your performance range.

Thrush Pumps and Circulators

Thrush offers a full line of pumps to meet the demands of various commercial and industrial applications. Use our Pump Selector program to determine the best pump for your needs.


Thrush offers a wide range of in-line circulators for hydronic and domestic water systems and other liquid circulating applications. Special long life seals of ceramic and carbon are standard in both horizontal and vertical designs.


In-Line Centrifugal Pumps

Choose from a variety of high-performance models from our Stock GT and GTB to our made to order GT and GTB series designed and sized to meet your pump applications, conserve floor space, and simplify piping.


Vertical In-Line Pumps

Designed to mount in the pipeline to reduce space, materials, and installation time, Thrush Vertical In-Line Pumps provide centerline suction and discharge to keep weight evenly balanced while allowing for movement with expansion and contraction of the pipe system.


End Suction Pumps

Thrush End Suction Pumps are designed for hydronic heating, chilled water, and plumbing systems. Close-coupled and bronze fitted with single mechanical seal, they are ideal for pumping low viscosity liquids free of solids.


Base-Mounted End Suction Pumps

With all the features of End Suction Pumps, the base-mounted designs provide added stability. Units are ball bearing, flexible coupled with coupling guard and bronze fitted with a single mechanical seal.




No compromise on safety

All Thrush hydronic pumps are designed and manufactured for safe and optimal operation in compliance with Health, Safety, and Environment regulations.


Get Thrush Hydronic Pumps for Reliable, Quiet, and Efficient Operation

Our pumps provide a wide range of pressure boosting options within your hydronic applications. Order Thrush Hydronic Pumps today to get the desired pressure you need with reliability and years of trouble-free operation!