Heat Exchangers

With heat exchangers being one of the most important parts of heating and cooling process operations for industries, you need the consistent high performance and reliability of Thrush. Our specially designed shell and tube heat exchangers are engineered to meet various HVAC applications:

  • Heating and cooling liquids for process systems
  • Heat recovery to improve energy efficiency
  • Comfort systems using steam or liquids

If your current heat exchangers fail due to corrosion, fouling, or leaks, we have straight and U-tube designs in stock for immediate delivery. At Thrush, we also have the flexibility to customize a replacement that fits with your existing piping and your specific application requirements.  

Heat Exchangers that are ASME Certified Certification
Thrush Heat Exchangers

Selecting the right heat exchanger is key to cutting down energy consumption and reducing costs. Thrush’s proprietary state-of-the-art software makes it easy to select the best heat exchanger for any application.

Heat Exchanger Sizing Software


From Problem to Solution

Failing heat exchangers consume more fuel which increases operational costs! You need a replacement unit that is not only cost effective but also meets your need and fits your piping.

Heat exchangers have a very broad range of industrial applications – from air conditioning and heating systems to keeping equipment and substances within a safe operating temperature.

Failing heat exchangers can create significant thermal and mechanical problems such as:

  • Inefficient heat transfer due to fouled surfaces
  • Accelerated scaling and corrosion
  • Reduced thermal performance due to impeded fluid flow and pressure drop
  • Difficulty in cleaning and maintenance

To ensure a sustainable solution that provides high efficiency, minimal maintenance, and replacement flexibility, you need Thrush heat exchangers.

The Thrush Solution

Our shell and tube heat exchangers are designed specifically to reduce thermal losses, maximize heat transfer, and provide rigorous temperature control. Each unit is manufactured, tested, and “U” stamped to ASME code requirements for use in a wide range of commercial, industrial, and OEM applications.

Key features include:

  • Compact designs for ease of mounting and installation
  • Removable tube bundles for easy access for service and cleaning
  • Material options available to ensure compatibility with different fluids, and provide minimal fouling and corrosion
  • Various configurations allow for a precise selection to meet temperature requirements
  • Double wall heat exchangers provide rigorous controlling of cross-contamination through the installation of 6 port leak detection

From industrial to domestic heating, from swimming pool to lubricating and cutting fluids, our engineers can provide straight tube, along with single and double wall U-tube heat exchangers to cover numerous applications.

Check out our state-of-the-art Thrush Heat Exchanger Selector, featuring a long list of models with varying shell diameters, number of passes, and heat transfer areas, to help you select the right heat exchanger based on your fluid type and application.

Need a replacement heat exchanger fast? Need it to fit existing piping? We provide Expedited Service.

Our Heat Exchangers

Thrush can provide fast and flexible service to get you the replacement heat exchanger you need when you need it. Many of our models are in stock and ready for immediate shipment. We also have incredibly fast turnaround times on customized heat exchangers to fit your existing pipes, redesigning and reconfiguring based on your exact needs so that no re-piping is necessary.

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

Standard Heat Exchanger

Standard Construction: Cast Iron Head, Steel Shell, Steel Baffles, Steel Tubesheet, 3/4" 20 gauge Copper Tubes. Manufactured in accordance with ASME Code, Section VIII, Division 1 and National Board Registered.



Steam to Water

Water to Water

2 or 4 pass

Single Wall or Double Wall



4” to 30” diameter

2’ to 14’ length



3/4″ OD

1/2″ OD

18 or 20 gauge


Copper Nickel

Stainless Steel

Carbon Steel

Double Wall Copper

Double Wall Copper Nickel

Double Wall Stainless



Carbon steel


Stainless Steel



Cast Iron

Cast bronze

Cast stainless

Carbon Steel Fabricated Bonnet Heads

Stainless Steel Fabricated Bonnet Heads

High-Pressure Carbon Steel billet heads

High-Pressure SS billet heads



Carbon Steel

Stainless Steel




Carbon Steel

Stainless Steel




Maximum Operating Conditions

400 psig @ 400°F

Straitube® Heat Exchangers

Made from straight copper tubes and designed to give greater heat exchange efficiency. Free circulation in the shell and heaters reduces frictional resistance and pressure drop. Straight tubes make for easy cleaning. Removable headers. No acid of chemicals necessary. Provide a decided advantage over other types of heaters in hard water territories.
Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger

Stainless Steel

Provides the same heat exchange efficiency as our copper Straitube® Heat Exchangers, but constructed of all stainless steel rather than standard copper. Like the standard Straitube®, works exceptionally well for heating domestic water, hot water radiation as a converter, cooling, or preheating liquids.

Type: Steam to Water (2 or 4 Pass)
Models: 120, 150, 180,260, 320, & 380




Operating Pressures

  • 125 psig working pressure

Operating Temperature

  • 295°F


  • Front head cast iron
  • Rear head cast iron
  • Tubing 3/4” copper .035 wall thickness


Operating Pressures

  • 125 psig working pressure

Operating Temperature

  • 295°F


  • Tube sheets carbon steel
  • Shell carbon steel pipe

Optional Features

All Dimensions in Inches



18 Ga. Copper – 0.049 Thickness

90/10 CU/NI – 0.049 Thickness

Carbon Steel – 0.065 Thickness

304 Stainless – 0.049 Thickness

316 Stainless – 0.049 Thickness


Cast stainless steel (ASME Models only)



Series 300 stainless steel (ASME Models only)


Get Thrush Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

With various material and temperature options available, and sizes to meet many applications. Get our shell and tube heat exchangers today for consistent high performance and reliability. Start by selecting the right heat exchanger for your needs with our Thrush Heat Exchanger Selector.