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Heat Exchangers

Thrush Co. Inc. manufactures specially designed shell and tube exchangers engineered to meet many applications including heating or cooling liquids for process systems, heat recovery, and comfort systems using steam or liquids. They are available with many variations in material, pressure, temperature, and special features to meet specific application requirements. To ensure safety and optimal performance, all Thrush heat exchangers are constructed under an approved quality control program. Each unit is manufactured, tested, and “U” stamped to ASME Code requirements in accordance to Section VIII Division 1. A Manufacturers Data Report, form U-1, is registered with the National Board of Boilers and Pressure Vessel Inspectors. A copy of the U-1 data report is provided with the unit. Let Thrush Co. Inc. provide you with superior product quality, responsive customer service and on-time delivery today.


Thrush Co., Inc. features the Aar-O-Vent™ high performance air and dirt separator for corrosion protection and increased performance in hydronic piping systems. The Aar-O-Vent uses a patented stainless steel coalescing filter medium to separate the air and dirt from the water in systems, that can cause damage to pumps, seals, and valves. The stainless steel construction provides durability and long service life. Other features include a gauge tap on the inlet and outlet connections, a removable bottom cover for cleaning the coalescing medium and a blow down valve for flushing collected sediment. Available sizes for this separator range from 2" to 24".


The design of the Thrush Hot-Pak® facilitates the semi-instantaneous heating of water, allowing for a constant supply of water to any commercial or industrial application. This pre-engineered system provides an economical solution to the expense of large storage tank systems. In addition, its space-saving vertical or horizontal design makes it ideal for tight installations.

Variable Speed Pressurizer™

The Pressurizer VS™ utilization of a variable frequency drive (VFD) to regulate water flow and provide a constant output pressure, regardless of fluctuating supply pressure or changing flow demand. The innovative in-line configuration allows for a compact footprint, enabling the unit to fit into areas traditional booster packages cannot.

Constant Speed Boosters

Pressurizers are pre-engineered pressure booster packages that increase system pressure and maintain the flow necessary to meet changing system demands. The constant pressure feature is unique and sets Thrush DCPs apart from other booster packages. Constant pressure on the top floor of a building ensures not only adequate flow but also, the efficient operation of water use fixtures and appliances such as flush valves, washdown bowls, dishwashers, washing machines and shower heads. Pressure boosting, without constant control of pressure, will causedemand pressure fluctuations. This will result in either too little or too much operating pressure at critical fixtures and appliances resulting in improper operation.

Engineered Heat Transfer System

Thrush Heat Transfer Packages are cutsom engineered and manufactured to meet the most demanding requirements. Frames are constructed of heavy duty structuralsteel and are custom engineered to comply with your specific size and space restrictions. our efficent manufacturing allows for unbeatable delivery of even the most complicated systems. All packages utilize UL listed panels and ASME code compliant vessels. A wide variety of standard features and options allow Thrush Heat Transfer Packages to comply with your specific design requirements.