5"-12" Purgers Flanged Connections

PURGING DEVICES FOR HOT WATER HEATING SYSTEMS The water that is used initially to fill a hot water heating system contains dissolved air. Make-up water subsequently added will similarly have a high air content. Heating this water releases the air and permits it to be circulated in the systems, from which it must be vented. The purpose of the Air Purgers is to continuously separate and collect any air from the water as it circulates so that it may be vented automatically by a float air vent without the necessity for frequent manual venting. All models have tappings for installation of float air vents to provide complete purging and venting. Space tappings are also provided for easy mounting of an expansion control or fill valve for combining automatic fill valve and expansion control. All models are fabricated steel.

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Item # Model Material Shipping Weight
461-2 461 Steel 60 lb
462-2 462 Steel 65 lb
463-2 463 Steel 113 lb
464-2 464 Steel 174 lb
465-2 465 Steel 330 lb