Model 8 X 5
System Connection 8 in
Pump Connection 5 in
Working Temperature 250 ºF
Working Pressure 175 psi
Shipping Weight 176 lb
Dimensions-A 12.00 in
Dimensions-B 12.00 in
Dimensions-C 12.25 in
Dimensions-D 20.00 in
Dimensions-E 20.25 in
Dimensions-F 8.25 in

Thrush fabricated FGT series Flow Guides provided efficient pump operation, space savings, and economical installation. Their flow straightening vanes ensure laminar flow without the need for 10 pipe diameters of straight pipe run into the pump suction. They also eliminate other fittings such as 90 degree elbows and Y-strainers. The stainless steel strainers are designed to have at least 3 times the free area of the outlet nozzle. The removable fine mesh startup strainer removes initial system debris to protect the pump seals during startup. The Back Pull Out design simplifies strainer cleaning and startup strainer removal. An optional magnetic plug is available to remove small metallic particles as well. Other options include an adjustable support foot, gauge taps, and/or grooved end connections. The fabricated design lends itself to other options such as custom sizes or dimensions, stainless steel construction, or mixed connection styles.


Maximum working pressure of 175 psi or 300 psi with a maximum operating temperature of 250°F for sizes ranging from 1.5” x 1.5” thru 16” x 16” also for sizes 18” x 12” thru 24” x 20” the maximum working pressure of 150 psi with a maximum operating temperature of 250°F.