2x2.5x9-LPFe300-1.5 , LPFE300 BASE MOUNTED PUMPS - 1150 RPM

Disc Size 2 in
Model Suction Size 2 1/2 in
Full Imp. Size 9 in
Motor H.P. 1 1/2 hp
Motor Frame Size 182 T
Pump Weight 213 lb
Power Frame 1
Dimensions-D 9 in
Dimensions-X 7.50 in
Dimensions-Y 3.20 in
Dimensions-Z 6 in
Dimensions-CP 18.69 in
Dimensions-DD 6.75 in
Dimensions-C 12.72 in
Dimensions-HT 0.75 in
Dimensions-HL 10.81 in
Base No. 1
HA 12 in
HB 30 in
HE 4.75 in
HF 24.25 in
HG 3 in
HP 5 in
Base Weight 38 lb
Thrush PF pumps are flexible-coupled, end suction, centrifugal pumps designed for hydronic heating, chilled water, and plumbing systems. These pumps can be used for pumping of compatible low viscosity liquids free of solids (commercial applications). Units are ball bearing, flexible coupled with coupling guard and bronzed fitted with a single mechanical seal.