1.5x1.5x7-TV2g-1 , TV2G IN-LINE CENTRIFUGAL PUMPS - 1750 RPM

Disc Size 1 1/2 in
Model Suction Size 1 1/2 in
Full Imp. Size 7 in
Motor H.P. 1 hp
Motor Frame Size 143 JMV
Pump Weight 86 lb
Dimensions-CP 16.13 in
Dimensions-A1 5 in
Dimensions-A2 4.63 in
Dimensions-AG 9.44 in
Dimensions-BW 3.50 in
Dimensions-DD 4.13 in
Dimensions-X1 8 in
Dimensions-X2 8 in
Thrush TV2g series pumps are designed to mount in the pipe line to reduce space, materials, and installation time. Center line suction and discharge keep weight evenly balanced and distributed upon the piping. An inlet diffuser section, designed as a part of the pump casing, allows the suction connection to be the same size as the discharge connection, simplifying installation of the pump into the piped system. No flexible connections to compensate for pipe misalignment are necessary since the pump is not permanently connected to anything but the pipe and is free to “move” with the expansion and contraction of the piped system.